Below are the terms and conditions of the Rodd Hotels & Resorts EveryStay Rewards program. They supersede any previous program terms and conditions. Rodd Hotels & Resorts rewards program consists of four tiers determined by the number of nights spent at any Rodd property on an annual basis. New members start on the Basic EveryStay Rewards tier and are assessed each year. In order to maintain your current tier level or progress through the tiers the minimum room nights must be achieved annually.


  • Earned on full and eligible rates only.
  • Basic Level
    • 1 point earned for every $1 dollar spent.
  • Gold Level
    • 1.25 points earned for every $1 dollar spent.
  • Platinum Level
    • 1.5 points earned for every $1 dollar spent.
  • Diamond Level
    • 2 points earned for every $1 dollar spent.
  • Points are not earned for free room nights, but can be earned on incidental expenses on those nights or additional paid nights.
  • Not transferable from one individual account to another.
  • EveryStay Rewards points cannot be divided between members.
  • Members will be assessed every November to adjust their tier level.
  • All points are subject to audit and adjustment.
  • Members will not receive written notice of any tiers due to expire.
  • Access your account details at or through the Rodd Hotels & Resorts Customer Service Centre.
  • Point accumulation commences from the date of enrolling into the EveryStay Rewards program.
  • Points are only offered and must be booked through the Rodd Hotels & Resorts website or Central Reservation office.
  • All points will be tracked in the EveryStay Rewards database registered under the guests name, phone number and email.
  • No member cards will be required.
  • Points are not earned through 3rd party bookings
  • EveryStay Rewards points cannot be divided between members or consolidated into a single account.
  • Points cannot be earned through small group bookings


The program is open to any individual or company that stays at a Rodd Hotels & Resorts location. To apply to the program individuals must provide Rodd Hotels & Resorts with the required information, including a valid email address. Acceptance of any application for participation in the program is at the sole discretion of Rodd Hotels & Resorts. Rodd Hotels & Resorts reserves the right to disqualify any participant from further participation and to void issued points in the program if that participant has in any way failed to abide by these terms and conditions.


Any tax liability arising out of participation in this program is the responsibility of the participant.


Points can only be earned when staying at any Rodd Hotels & Resorts location. These points will appear on the member’s account within 24 hours after check-out at any Rodd location. At this time EveryStay Rewards is not applicable for group bookings.


Points cannot be redeemed at check-out, must be done prior to at the time of booking or during check-in.


EveryStay Rewards points will now expire after 36 consecutive months of inactivity.


All rewards members will receive newsletters and special offers via email.


Provided the minimum point levels have been reached; points can be redeemed online by accessing your profile or through our Rodd Hotels & Resorts Customer Service Centre. Partial claims will not be entertained.


Rodd Hotels & Resorts free rooms nights are valid for single or double occupancy and entitle the bearer to one (1) standard room night. To book a free room night you must have the required amount of points listed in the program details, and you must to so at time of booking or during check-in. Rodd Hotels & Resorts locations vary in the number of points required for a free room night. Free room nights are subject to availability and early booking is recommended.

Extra charges will apply for additional persons in a room, payable direct to the property. Free nights cannot be exchanged for cash, in part or whole and no change given.


Rodd Hotels & Resorts may suspend or terminate the program at any time without notice. Upon termination of the program, unclaimed points will be cancelled. Rodd Hotels & Resorts reserve the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time in its absolute discretion, including altering the:

  • Number of points earned on each dollar spent.
  • Number of points required for redemption items.
  • Number of points required for free room night, including variation of points for reward categories.
  • Validity of points.
  • Associated benefits.

Participants will be notified of changes to the program. Notice is deemed to have been given by Rodd Hotels & Resorts when sent to the email address supplied by the participant at the time of enrollment for the program. Participation in the program after notification of any changes to the program implies acceptance of those changes by the participant.