All of us here at Rodd Hotels and Resorts are committed to a better and cleaner environment.

Our plan of action has been created to demonstrate our long standing commitment to environmental stewardship:

  • By identifying and taking action in every area where waste can be reduced or recycled and energy and water conserved.
  • By openly communicating our policies and practices to our employees, guests and interested parties.
  • By providing employees with the training and resources needed to meet our environmental objectives.
  • By actively involving employees in all environmental initiatives and by having them contribute ideas and take ownership of projects.
  • By regularly monitoring our environmental performance relative to our policies, objectives and targets.
  • By inviting our guests, suppliers and contractors to participate in our efforts to establish responsible environmental practices.

We have established a number of environmental initiatives:

  • Towel/Sheet Exchange Program: We encourage our guests to conserve gallons of water, energy and chemicals by reusing their towels and linens.
  • Energy Innovators Initiative: Rodd Hotels and Resorts have signed on to this Natural Resources of Canada program which encourages business to reduce energy costs and reduce greenhouse gases by providing funding and information. We are currently performing energy audits in all of our properties to help find potential energy savings.
  • HAC ECOmmodation Rating Program: Currently Rodd Charlottetown Hotel and Rodd Miramichi River Resort have both obtained a 4 green key rating in this environmental stewardship program. 4 green keys is a hotel that has shown national industry leadership and commitment to protecting the environment through wide ranging policies and practices.
  • GMIST: Several of our Managers have attended workshops on Greening Your Business at the Gros Morne Institute for Sustainable tourism. GMIST is intended to advance the quality and success of Atlantic Canadian tourism operators through an array of training programs. The objective is to enhance the quality and sustainability of outdoor/nature-based experiences afforded throughout Atlantic Canada, by providing developmental training programs respecting: sustainable tourism practices, experiential tourism services and eco-adventure tourism.
  • Waste Management: In Prince Edward Island, all our Hotels and Resorts are required to participate in Waste Watch. Waste Watch is a 3 stream source separation based management system that’s goal is to reach a 65 percent diversion from waste and make Prince Edward Island the national leader in waste reduction. All of our properties throughout Atlantic Canada recycle glass, aluminum, plastic, newspaper and cardboard and encourage our guests to do as well by placing recycling bins in all the rooms.
  • Energy Conservation: Rodd Hotels and Resorts are continuing to convert all appropriate lighting from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent. Water efficient showerheads, taps and low flow toilets are replacing older models as they wear out. Our employees are encouraged to close curtains, shut off lights and air conditioning units when rooms are not in use as well as set thermostats at a consistent comfortable temperature.
  • Purchasing: Rodd Hotels and Resorts uses environmentally friendly cleaning products and have reduced the use of aerosol cans in favor of refillable pump spray bottles. We also give preference to products made from recycled materials and products that may be reused.
  • Internet Technology: Our website reduces the negative impact on the environment by providing paperless technology. It allows us to provide information on our Hotels and Resorts as well as an on line reservation system.

Waste Watch Sorting Guide for Visitors

In 2002, Waste Watch was implemented across PEI. This program helps us protect our unique and delicate beauty by allowing for the source separation of waste resources into: RECYCLABLES, COMPOST & WASTE.

This sorting guide will help you participate in this mandatory program during your visit to our Island.

(must be clean & dry)

Recyclable paper:

  • carry out trays
  • magazines
  • newspapers
  • paper egg cartons
  • receipts

Glass: (container glass only)

  • beverage and medicine bottles
  • food jars & bottles


  • food and beverage cans (remove labels)
  • metal lids from jars & bottles
  • aluminum (tin foil) containers

Plastics: Δ #1-5

  • milk, juice, soft drink containers
  • plastic bottles (i.e. shampoo, water)
  • shopping/bread bags


  • milk & juice cartons
  • tetra packs




  • cracker, cereal, etc. boxes
  • rolls from paper towels/toilet paper

Food scraps:

  • meat,fish, poultry (including bones)
  • shellfish (including shells)
  • table scraps

Non-Recyclable Paper:

  • damp/soiled newspaper
  • napkins/serviettes, paper towels
  • paper plates/cups
  • paper bags
  • wrapping paper (non-foil/plastic)

No METALS, PLASTICS or GLASS of any kind in Compost.


(non-container glass)

  • dishes
  • drinking glasses

Non-Recyclable Plastic:

  • plastic dishes/cutlery
  • snack food packaging
  • stretch wrap
  • styrofoam

Textiles, Leather & Vinyl:

  • boots & shoes
  • dryer lint
  • fabric softner sheets
  • old/used clothing


  • chewing gum
  • cotton swabs
  • disposable diapers
  • sanitary products
  • toothpaste tubes


Working Together Today to Preserve Tomorrow!


As Islanders, we enjoy the beauty of the land. Whether you are a guest or you reside in Prince Edward Island, there are little things we can all do to help protect this environment.

Please place your recyclables in the blue bin provided. They include clean and dry paper products, corrugated cardboard, plastics, metal, and glass.



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